ExAmPLE6: taR­Get­inG the flat 7th

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: THEORY -

The mi­nor 7th (or b7th - F) sounds great and adds a cool ten­sion. Ad­mit­tedly in a ‘real’ solo we prob­a­bly wouldn’t use it quite this much, but it’s fun to try; this over-play­ing is help­ful in the in­ter­ests of demon­stra­tion, too. Some

to use the mi­nor 7th are il­lus­trated here. Bend­ing from the ma­jor 6th (E) to the mi­nor 7th (bars 1 and 3) sounds great and is a favourite of play­ers like Robben Ford. Bend­ing from the mi­nor 7th to the root (bar 5) is an­other well-used con­cept and play­ers like Gary moore and Jimi Hen­drix used this many times to great ef­fect.

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