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To recre­ate the gui­tar sounds on the orig­i­nal record­ing sev­eral ef­fects are re­quired in­clud­ing a heavy fuzz pedal and a Digitech Whammy pedal. The pi­ano arpeg­gios at the start were not orig­i­nally per­formed on gui­tar, but we in­cluded them as ex­tra study should you wish to per­form the song with­out a key­board player. For th­ese arpeg­gios, a lit­tle bit of tremolo and the whammy pedal up the oc­tave will help them to sound more key­board- like. To get the sound with your set-up, sim­ply se­lect your bridge pickup and set your amp for a heavy, rock ori­en­tated over­drive. A fuzz pedal is a wel­come ad­di­tion if you have one, and will sound more industrial. The Whammy pedal is a most ex­cel­lent de­vice and play­ers as di­verse as Tom Morello, Steve Vai and in­deed Matt Bel­lamy have made some very mem­o­rable state­ments with it. Set your whammy pedal or pitch shifter for a ‘one oc­tave up’ set­ting, and you’re good to go.

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