Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: ROCK -

[Gui­tar Riff: Bar 53 to 80] It’s time to rock! The back­ing track has four hi-hat hits to bring you in. Play this riff slowly a few times to work out the best

The whole riff is per­formed on the two low­est strings, there­fore some po­si­tion shift­ing is re­quired. The four chord strums from bar 65 sound best if strummed hard and near the bridge. [Verse 1 and 2: Bars 81-96] The verse sec­tion fea­tures some fast semi­qua­ver strum­ming. This is a true test of your stamina and you may have to build up to this over a few days of con­sid­ered prac­tice.

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