Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: ROCK -

[Verse 3 and 4: Bars 97–112] The verse pat­tern is aug­mented with two E5 power chord stabs at the start of the bar. Hit th­ese hard and then them fall away3with a ca­sual down­ward slide. [Chor3us 1: Bars 113–128] The cho­rus fea­tures two gui­tar parts that are lay­ered to cre­ate one big sound. We have no­tated the power chord part first and then the oc­tave part sec­ond so you know how to play both. [Bridge 2: Bars 129–132] The bridge takes us into the solo with muted strum­ming and har­mon­ics. By lightly touch­ing the string at the fret in­di­cated, the har­mon­ics will rise in pitch for an ex­cit­ing crescendo. You will need to be pre­cise to get the har­mon­ics to sound fully, so ex­per­i­ment.

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