Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: ROCK -

[Gui­tar solo: Bars 133–148] The gui­tar solo fea­tures the Whammy pedal aTnidtle­sounds very ef­fec­tive. You may find play­ing 16th-note (semi-qua­ver) aTrTpi­it­tel­leg­gios at this tempo quite chal­leng­ing and a stern test of stamina. The trick here is to not tense up, as this will cause pre­ma­ture fa­tigue. As ever, start slowly and then work up to tempo. The Whammy pedal is used for some the­atri­cal swoops into notes and this has been no­tated. You can use some free li­cense here as Matt Bel­lamy rarely plays this solo the same twice and even in­cludes some pick­ing-hand tap­ping in the live ver­sion!

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