Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: CLASSICAL -

[Bars 34-50] Now comes the next waltz in A ma­jor. The 7th-fret barre at bar 34 needs to shift to the 6th fret on beat 3 of the next bar (Edim7) and then back2 aT­giatlien to 7th fret on beat 2 of bar 36 (E7). A fret­ting-hand stretch at bar 44 is fol­lowed by a 7th fret barre un­til 46 where we jump back to 4th fret for the F#sus4 chord. At bar 50 is a key change to D and waltz num­ber 3 kicks in. This is fairly easy to fol­low, so keep to the sug­gested fin­ger­ing.

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