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coe [Bars 5-8] This long pas­sage demon­strates Carl’s mixed and ver­sa­tile

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JBlues scale (D-F-G-Ab-A-C), mixed in with more coun­try use of Mixoly­dian mPot­d5e (-D-FE-UF#N-KG-YA-JBA-CM)aInNd open strings. [BPatr511-, bFeUatN4K–YBaJrA1M2, 2] This is a de­vice that is read­ily at Carl’s dPist­p5osa-l. aJroAuMndINtheDCAGED G shape of a Dom­i­nant chord, and uses a sat­is­fy­ing coun­try-ish over-ring­ing across the sec­ond and third strings be­tween the 4th and 3rd in­ter­val of the chord (G and F# in this case). You’ll see a sim­i­lar idea used on the Bb7 chord in bar 50.

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