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[Bars 17-21] At the shift from D7 to Bb7, Carl launches into a long and so­phis­ti­cated phrase span­ning a wide fret­board range and har­monic ap­proaches. Bars 17-19 is drawn en­tirely from Bb Mixoly­dian but switches from2simxxpxlx­exbx­exnxdxsx (Bar 17) to step-wise lines (bar 18, beats 1-3) to Carl’s

an­doe­u­noe sig­na­ture string-skip­ping with slides which can take some work in terms of

wa­noe p#ho­erase eoends ac­cu­racy in pick­ing te­doe string noise. The with a blend of Bb mi­nor and ma­jor Blues scale, and bluesy Mixoly­dian dou­ble-stops. [Bar 22] Here’s an­other of Carl’s sig­na­ture licks (which also oc­curs at the end of bar 55): from beat 2 a high G on the first string is fol­lowed by a bent F to G ojn sec­onjd. fol­lowejd ajnd

the This is by a higBh the (now quickly re­leased F) on the sec­ond string. It’s fairly tricky (par­tic­u­larly at this tempo) but if played

go­ereat co­eoun­try el.oe haoes foee just right


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