Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: CREATIVE ROCK -

theoe­samoeeb­sto­eri­noeg-poeairn­coeell ex­am­ple 6 This ex­am­pleEexm5­ploys used in Ex1, only this time we have an as­cend­ing melodic se­quence in which each eBx&am­plÓe7 oc‰tave ploee Hoeeroee, oEc­tave is treated dif­fer­ently. isEb­trx­oeea5n­teoed dif­foeere­oentl­by­oein tooeo.

toe­hisoe­ex­namoe Each the string-pair cell used in each oc­tave is de­rived from the ex­otic-sound­ing

Ja­panese pen­ta­tonic scale (which ex­ists within A Ae­o­lian): A-B-C-E-F. note that, be­cause it is a five-note scale and we’re play­ing three-notes­per-string, one of the notes is dou­bled in each oc­tave (the E note ap­pears in each string). This par­tic­u­lar ex­am­ple is played us­ing a com­bin1a5­tio1n6 of17 pick­ing-hand and fret­ting-hand tap­ping.

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