ArLepter­iGngGoeiated 3 c1h2ords with ham­mer-on/pull-off

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: R&B -

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un­doe thoee To­ero­goegs stoeyle. Inoe­order pu...ll-ooeff 60oes baoel­la­doe, This ex­am­ple evokes the so of t3o fret with your fourth fin­ger, fret the G chord (D shape) by bar7ring across the 7th fret w7ith your7­first fin­ger. This will leave7

tooea­d­oed toe­heoe­or­noeamoeen­ta­toeio­noei­noed­i­cated your sec­ond and fourth fin­gers free (re­mem­ber to hold the chord shape down for the full bar). lots of 60s bands use9d this ap­proach as it came9from11­dance band era gui­tarists.

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