2 fuzz Box 16ths lick

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: R&B -

BIt’s im­por­tant to use strict al­ter­nate 16th-note pick­ing through­out this

roeemem­o­e­ber rd4and.fifth stri­o­engs)

oe­and ex­am­ple. Avoid slur­ring (es­pe­cially when play­ing the re­peated G to F on the thi that econ­omy pick­ing as we

hajd ap­pre­ci­ate it not yet been in­vented! To fa­cil­i­tate the quick shift to 8th po­si­tion in bar 4, play the re­peated G note at the start of the bar with your third fin­ger, this leaves your first fin­ger free to fret the lower F note.


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