ExAMplE6 fi­nal jam

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: R&B -

This ex­am­ple com­bines Chris’s comp­ing and solo­ing style to pro­vide an ex­cit­ing con­clu­sion. play the verse riff in bar 7 us­ing a sixth-string palm mut­ing to pre­vent the sixth string from ring­ing into the chord de­tail that fol­lows. play the ham­mer-on/pull-off at the end of the w-itThHE your first fin­ger and us­ing your third fin­ger to ap­ply the ham­mer-on/pull-off, then slide your first fin­ger down to the 7th fret (with­out re-pick­ing). In the solo sec­tion take your time when prac­tis­ing the in­cre­men­tal bend­ing in bar 32 (use three fin­gers for added strength), and also the fi­nal 16th-note lick

bOaGrsG41S-44-. MPhak­ileC­suarpe con­fi­dently play the ac­cents in­di­cated at a slower tempo (al­ways use a metronome) be­fore play­ing along to the track.

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