Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: JAZZ -

arpeg­gioThahgeaJiJnoshthanDW7 TheEcx­o1n:ceOp­stchareAreleis­maaDn Aug­mented (D-F#-A#) (D-F#-A-C), although it’s worth re­mem­ber­ing that, when ac­com­pa­ny­ing

oer aoe­noed#7oe­toeh in this style it is cus­toSmwain­rygto se­lect justjrooDt 3rd (Foe#) (C). Fo the fol­low­ing G6 (G-B-D-E), we see a com­bi­na­tion of G ma­jor triad (G-B-D), ma­jor pen­ta­tonic (add A-E) and the Ma­jor scale (add C and F#). Re­mem­ber to keep your wrist and arm loose - oth­er­wise you’ll tense up and sound stiff.

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