ExAM­plE7 an­Gelo De­Barre

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: JAZZ -

HeErxe’7s:hAon­wgeAlnogDeelobam­r­rieght ap­proach a blues in G mi­noGr. W6e see ev­i­dence of

sur√round­ing stylis­ti­cally ap­pro­pri­ate arpeg­gio and sG­cale6 ac­tion for the first cb©o»n4c¡lu¢d¢e

in­OEtrigu­ing√set ‰arpeg­goeiooes six bars, but wSi­wthi­nagn of de­rived from the

J Jfol­low­ing se­quence all against G mi­nor: Cm (C-Eb-G), Bbm (Bb-Db-F), Adim (A-C-Eb), Gm (G-Bb-D), F#dim (F#-A-C) and D aug (D-F#-A), be­fore re­solv­ing

to a G root note against G mi­nor.333 suc­cess­fu­loely

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