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Sar­gent House

This is And So I Watch You From Afar’s fourth al­bum and it’s a strong con­tender. With 30 po­ten­tial tracks writ­ten dur­ing a six-month pe­riod in Belfast it’s no won­der that the 10 in­cluded on Heirs are ex­cep­tional. Run Home kicks things off and sounds like The Po­lice on crys­tal meth! This is a force­ful and melodic set that ex­plores sev­eral moods and gen­res. We par­tic­u­larly like Wasps with its heavy driv­ing rhythm and sta­dium sound qual­ity. It’s by no means a long track but boy does it de­liver. Gui­tarist Rory Friers has a magic touch that of­ten leads things, with good chordal struc­ture, some­times lay­ered in har­mony then in­ter­laced with su­per­fast licks. This is

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