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This month we have a lick that is pretty chal­leng­ing and will give you a nice work­out in fret­ting-hand stretch tech­nique, ac­cu­racy and al­ter­nate pick­ing. Plus, it sounds pretty cool too! The en­tire lick uses notes drawn from the Am Pen­ta­tonic scale with an added 9th (B): A-C-D-E-G-A-B. No­tice that nearly all the in­ter­vals are 4ths – apart from theINvTeErRyVhAigLhICesSt part that uses ma­jor 3rds. You will also see that there are of­ten ‘dou­bled’ notes found on both the first and sec­ond strings. This is one of the rea­sons that licks like this are worth learn­ing. This ‘note dou­bling’ re­sults in a very dis­tinc­tive and ear-grab­bing sound. It might help you to ‘lock’ your fret­ting hand in a stretch-like man­ner and just tar­get the first note of each po­si­tion shift. Ob­vi­ously, as you get higher up the neck

be­come smaller and there­fore eas­ier – how­ever, just as this hap­pens the frets get a lot closer to­gether and on some gui­tars the limited ac­cess can be pretty tough too.

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