Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: COUNTRY -

[intro: Bars 1–4] The band plays you in, so there is no need for a count-in. Fret the open­ing F note with your third fin­ger and bend it grad­u­ally up to G.

BTaErCs5H–N20IQ] TUhEeS­ma2in­4tr5ick to play­ing this melody at this tempo is to use an al­ter­nate pick­ing tech­nique with the thuYmAbKpEicTk flAaXt­pEick- if you pre­fer. The pick­ing di­rec­tions have been writ­ten in and it’s well worth play­ing th­ese melodies very slowly at first to get use to it. You will no­tice that down­beats are played with a down stroke and off beats with an

TJhois­ncoBnis­ceh­pot­pis vi­tal for main­tain­ing a solid time feel.

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