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Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: SWEEP PICKING -



This≥ex­amp≤le c≤om≥bin≤es≤all the≥arp≤eg­gio≤s c≥overed≤ in1≤0the les­son. Th3e solo s≥tarts w≤ith≤an≥asc≤end≤ing B≥7 se≤quenc≤e (b≥ars 1-≤4), ≤which is fol­lowEexd­ab­my­plte­h1e4s: aFmi­nael iPdiecaeu­ussin­ing anll All the a≥rp≥egg1≤0io≥s fo≥llow≤ th≤e≥chord≥pro≤gr≥ess≥ion≥with ≥the ex­cep­tion of D#dim7 a≥rp≥egg≤io≥s b≥eing≤ pl≤ay≥ed ove≥r t≤he≥B7≥cho≥rds (b≥ars 8 and 11) and a C#m7b5 be­ing sub­sti­tuted for an Em7 chord in bar 9.

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