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Canadian-amer­i­Can roCk­ers step­pen­wolf rose to promi­nence dur­ing the late 1960s and lasted only un­til the early 1970s. The full line-up was com­pleted when the found­ing mem­bers John kay (gui­tar, vo­cals), Goldy mcJohn (key­boards) and Jerry ed­mon­ton (drums) were joined by michael monarch (gui­tars) and rush­ton moreve (bass). The clas­sic record­ing Born To Be Wild (writ­ten by den­nis ed­mon­ton, who also played with the band, hav­ing joined with mcJohn from The spar­rows) is a 60s rock clas­sic, found on count­less com­pi­la­tions. it is etched into pop cul­ture folk­lore by its ap­pear­ance in the cult movie easy rider, star­ring Jack ni­chol­son and Peter Fonda. step­pen­wolf went on to sell more than 30 mil­lion al­bums world­wide and also had suc­cesses with the Top 10 sin­gle magic Car­pet ride.

When their ver­sion of Hoyt ax­ton’s The Pusher also fea­tured in easy rider, it was met with some crit­i­cism be­cause it ac­com­pa­nied a drug deal scene in the film. How­ever, the song ac­tu­ally warns of the per­ils of deal­ing and us­ing hard drugs.

clas­sic rock fans will al­ways want to hear the likes of Born To be Wild!

step­pen­wolf, like many other bands, went through a num­ber of per­son­nel changes dur­ing its life­time be­fore break­ing up in 1972, and John kay em­barked on a solo ca­reer, which never re­ally hit the same heights as the band. sev­eral at­tempts at a re­u­nion were made dur­ing the 1970s, in­clud­ing a record­ing

Step­pen­wolf with Guild and Rick­en­backer gui­tar and bass

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