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[BGaUr neat coun­try-in­spired licks. WGhUenITyAoRu a5nMA,ily­tounc'satch the third string un­der the same fin­ger, which es­sen­tially ‘pre­bMCMeAinlt­dRosLn’t'Vh­seEERbHuEpY­toEEN,al-l-owPintg5 it [Bar 4] This is all in F ma­jor Pen­ta­tonic, but thMCeAisl­htRoifLtnf'Vr­soEmR1H0EthYtEo po­si­tion al­lows for a longer and more tex­tu­raCl­lyAiRn­tLerVesEtiRngHlEinYeE,aNs n-o-wPsltu5rs can ap­pear be­tween dif­fer­ent notes. You can adopt this con­cept to play through ev­ery Pen­ta­tonic po­si­tion.

COarIlNinAstiMncItNivOelRy flicks the pickup se­lec­tor from nFeUck­NtKoYbrCidLgAe note in the bar. AgVaiLnAthTiIsNisOalIlNF mAaMjoIrNPOenR­ta­tonic, but now bends, more

are used to heighten in­ter­est.

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