Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: VIDEO -

[B4arxsx4x1x-x4x3x]xHxxere’s F ma­jor Pen­ta­tonic as you’ve rarely heard it. No­tice the in­4vexnx­tixvx­ex­cx­hx­oxrxdxs­pac­ing, rhyth­mic place­ment and how an E nat­u­ral (the 7th of4thx­exsx­cx­axlxex) in bar 43 to add har­monic in­ter­est. You can learn th­ese chordal struc­tures but in­vent your own sig­na­ture ideas in this vein. [Bars 49 and 54] Here Carl uses the whammy bar to add a vi­brato which is unattain­able with hands alone. The lit­tle ‘dipped’ note from A to G# at the end of bar 54 is a lovely touch. Such lit­tle flur­ries and flour­ishes would add in­ter­est to more or less any­thing you could play.

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