Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: VIDEO -

[B5ars 57-60] Again an­other phrase which shifts ef­fort­lessly through a num­ber of fret­board po­si­tions and even (us­ing the whammy bar) reaches notes that are off the fret­board (bar 60 beat 2). Slow prac­tice is your friend here. [Bar 63-64] As with the first ap­pear­ance of the E7 chord, A mi­nor Blues is used to cre­ate ten­sion on this chord, rem­i­nis­cent of mo­ments in many blues so­los when the V chord ap­pears. So when you see any dom­i­nant chord you now know that you have op­tion of play­ing a mi­nor Pen­ta­tonic or Blues scale based on the 4th. How­ever, re­mem­ber that although Carl uses this ap­proach on both in­stances of the E7 chord, he has many other fan­tas­tic ap­proaches to dom­i­nant chords, so don’t make this your only trick !

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