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Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: CREATIVE ROCK -

I’m keep­ing to a typ­i­cal rock tone for this se­ries. I use a Fen­der Strat, so I al­ways use a dis­tor­tion pedal to boost the sig­nal be­fore it gets to the amp. Gen­er­ally, try to go for 25% of your dis­tor­tion from the pedal and 75% from the amp. You’ll find that the re­sults are sweeter and more com­pressed (even and tighter sound­ing) than when get­ting 100% of the dis­tor­tion from the amp. Fi­nally, some de­lay will also added, mak­ing sure that it is in tempo with the track. This will help to give both ex­panse and ex­tra smooth­ness to your gui­tar’s sound.

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