ExAMPLE6 fi­nal Jam

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: R&B -

The main riff of this ex­am­ple is typ­i­cal of Town­shend’s ap­proach dur­ing the bands’ early record­ings; although it is based on full five and six string bGaUr­rIeTcAhRorTdEs plenty of space for Keith Moon’s ex­plo­sive drum­ming. No­tice the use of thBeBR7IsTusR4 cNhoBrd -in bar 12, a sound that would be­come as­so­ci­ated closely with The Who dur­ing the late 60s and early 70s. Use al­ter­nate 16th-note pick­ing for the re­peated E note that kicks off the first solo, keep­ing your pick­ing con­sis­tent both

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