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Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: JAZZ -

Bucky is a long-time Benedetto en­dorsee, while John has a sig­na­ture Moll cus­tom 7-string. The mod­ern elec­tric ‘jazz’ tone is sur­pris­ingly bright, so while flat­wounds, arch­top hol­low-body and a su­per-clean amp are the or­der of the day, there is no need to turn the tre­ble down on ei­ther gui­tar or amp. Both Bucky and John favour pick­ing very close to and some­times over the edge of the neck and both switch be­tween pick and fin­ger­style. I plugged my Benedetto Bravo straight into the desk with just a lit­tle re­verb and panned John’s parts left and Bucky right.

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