ExAM4PlE 5 RAL­LEn­tAndO & FER­mAtA

Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: ROCKSCHOOL -

This A mi­nor riff starts at 120bpm and is played with even eighth-notes. When you reach bar 3, no­tice the ‘rall’ in­di­ca­tion and grad­u­ally slow down over­rit­bars 3 and 4; pause when you see the fer­mata and let the B

Uoew­bil­loe­heaoer tbh˙eoe­druoemm˙er t#raoeck­ny­oeou note sus­tain. On the back­ing count back in on the ride cym­bal to cue you for the fol­low­ing and fi­nal note. On stage this would be ac­com­pa­nied by eye con­tact all round.

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