Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: ROCK -

eX­Am­pLe 1 eX­TenDeD open ChoRDs AnD ARpeG­Gios This first ex­am­ple is inspired by Pink Floyd clas­sics like Breath anJ­douns ABnis­d­hToh­pem's. the open chords sim­ply push the plec­trum down acrossJ­tohne sBtris­in­h­gos slowEexr t1h-aEnxy­toenudues­d­uaol­plyen­wco­huol­drd.Tshains per­gogviodse an ef­fec­tive spread to the notes. You can also experiment with the same con­cept in re­verse by start­ing g5s and pulling the plec­trum up. The ar­peg­gio

in­sure good tim­ing. The note choices help

to cre­ate a spaced-out vibe.

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