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Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: SHRED -

The be­gin­ning of the solo con­tains one of Paul’s lesser-known trade­marks that has prob­a­bly come about as a side ef­fect of his fret­ting-hand legato tech­nique, which usu­ally con­tains a mix­ture of pick­ing and legato. The trick here is to try and view the two sep­a­rate shapes and prac­tice them in­di­vid­u­ally at first. The sec­ond is ex­actly the same ex­cept it con­tains the ad­di­tional fourth-fin­ger E note that adds an ex­tra note into the phrase (9 in­stead of 8). Fo­cus here upon the dou­ble tapped note, which is where your rhyth­mic pulse should come from.

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