Paul talks to GT about Ad­dicted To That Rush...

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What inspired the song?

Billy had the main ideas for the song. I think he got some in­spi­ra­tion from Heard It On the X by ZZ Top.

What equip­ment did you use? Ei­ther an or­ange Ibanez PGM pro­to­type with a scal­loped fin­ger­board and three blue hum­buck­ers, or a stock Ibanez RG, which also hap­pened to be orangish red - my main gui­tars at the time. I used 11s, be­cause I wanted to calm down my vi­brato and sound less me­tal. I had some Me­tal­tronix heads and an ADA pre-amp run­ning through an Am­peg SVT bass head.

Did Billy in­spire some of your parts, did you in­spire some of his?

Both. I used to go see Billy’s band TA­LAS, when I was a teenager, and I would go home af­ter­wards and try to work out licks like his. But it was all from mem­ory, so I didn’t get ex­act phrases, just things in the spirit of what he was do­ing. When I started play­ing with Billy, I’d use my ‘Billy Licks’ to come up with parts that we could play to­gether. But he’d usu­ally say, “I’ve never played it that way.” Of course, af­ter about three takes, he could play it, so it worked out fine in the end.

it's a great mar­riage of hard rock groove and tech­nique flash, mar­riages that mr Big ex­celled at just like Van halen

It’s an in­ter­est­ing groove be­cause it doesn’t swing, but it might have the tini­est flavour of it in there. Sort of like what would hap­pen if you played Jail­house Rock re­ally fast.

each mr Big al­bum seemed to have a strong 'flash' song (Daddy Brother on Lean into it, Colorado Bull­dog on Bump Ahead); was Ad­dicted the 'chops' song that fans were ex­pect­ing from Billy and you?

I don’t re­mem­ber talk­ing about ex­pec­ta­tions. We just wanted to write songs that we liked, and that would be ex­cit­ing to play live. Of course, this was the era when ‘blow­ing peo­ple away’ was still some­thing that was as­sumed you were sup­posed to do. Def­i­nitely pre-grunge.

your solo starts with speed­ing sex­tu­plets us­ing sev­eral tech­niques; how long did that take to cre­ate?

It went re­ally fast with the writ­ing and pre­pro­duc­tion of that al­bum. I think the record­ing it­self was a first take. The bal­lads were a lot trick­ier for me. I re­mem­ber the solo in Had Enough took me all day, and some song on another record took hours just to get a G chord to sound right.

The sec­ond sec­tion then moves into uni­son tap­ping ideas with Billy and you...

It just brings the sound of the in­tro back in. Again, these are licks that I thought I stole from Billy, but turned out to be a lit­tle dif­fer­ent.

The call and re­sponse break­down sec­tion works great, like a steroid rock take on old blues songs - first take ideas?

I just tried to bounce off of what Eric was singing.

The song is quite bluesy; did you aim to in­fuse songs with a bluesy vibe?

It’s more bluesy than Iron Maiden, but less bluesy than Robin Trower. In gen­eral, we kept our 3rds mi­nor, and didn’t re­ally bend them the way blues does. But we also didn’t form many songs around the strict Nat­u­ral mi­nor sound that a lot of 80s me­tal had. I was into Pat Travers and Robin Trower, so that gave me blues ideas to work with. Check out paul’s online guitar school at www. artist­­bert.

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