Ex­AM­PlES 3A-3B

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: JAZZ -

eX­Am­pLe 3A bLuesy beeThoven: ‘Quotes’ are a fre­quently used de­vice in jazz solo­ing that alSlotr­wasi­gy­hotu to state a well-kCn­mown melody at te­gic

stbraÏ great­bgu4i­tarist poinBts within your solo­ing in an in­tel­li­gent, hip and of­ten fre­quently amus­ing

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t.he7­drop in his im­pro­vi­sa­tional vo­cab­u­lary at of a hat. Here we see a fa­mil­iar Beethoven re­frain given the jazz treat­ment.


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