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Ex­AM­PlES 5A-5B

Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: JAZZ -

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hi­bgh4notes toned jazz elec­tric guitar lacks in sus­tain and high pro­jec­tion, it’s of­ten a good frEom&Mike to.

un∑der­ly­ing idea to sEup­port with chord nes. This idea comes

cons.tant again Stern although he at­tributes the con­cept to the great arch­top player JiDAm Hall. The trick is to tremolo pick the no6te on th7e first string wDhile adding rhyth­mic and har­monic in­ter­est by stab3bing at ch6ords in

Ha7m≥mo≤nd8≥B3 p≤lay­ers. ap­pro­prAi­ate rhyth­mic places, like many of the grea6t

BeXAm­pLe 5b bb King high ToniC Q&A: I know we’re talk­ing about jazz solo­ing here, but surely there’s al­ways room for a lit­tle more BB King in our pl9ayin9g. G9e­org9e Be9n­son ab­so­lut9ely l9oves9him9and9 has tak9en m9ore9tha9n a l9it­tle from lis­ten­ing to him. This idea bal­ances a high ton­ic8shout o9ut1,o0r ques­tion, wi7th a low­er7b3luesy base3d a8round trade­ma3rk ma­jor/min3or box shape7wit8h the ro9ot foun8d on th9e sec­o1n0d string; ideas like this are sim­ple but

ef­fec­tive when in­serted into a more jazzy con­text.

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