9 rePo­Si­tion­inG An iDeA

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Ex­am­plÏ Tak­ing the ob­ri­gi4­nal idea from e 4, Carl now shows ho11w it can be ‘repo­si­tioned’ in its ex­act form, from an F mi­nor to a Db ma­jor con­text. The idea now cre­ates the fol­low­ing chord de­grees: 5th, 3rd, 5th, 2nd (or “9th” as Carl calls it) and 3rd. Im­ply­ing a lush Dbadd9. Note that Carl calls this chord Db2, but this of­ten im­plies (root-2nd-5th) rather than (Root-2nd-3rd-5th). So we’ve gone with ‘Dbadd9’ for clar­ity

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