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One of the eas­i­est ways to spice up your ar­peg­gio licks is to add chro­matic pass­ing notes be­tween the chord tones. Here I have achieved this sim­ply by play­ing all the notes that oc­cur be­tween the 5th (D) and 3rd (B) of the G ma­jor ar­peg­gio – beats 2 and 4 of bar 1. No­tice that, as this ar­peg­gio is played over an Am chord, these notes func­tion as 11th (D), ma­jor 3rd (!) (C#), b3 (C) and 9th (B) – cre­at­ing a nice jazzy ef­fect. Bar 2 con­tains an ascending slid­ing phrase that’s all played with the same fret­ting fin­ger – very Van Halen! Be care­ful not to rush the tim­ing of the chro­matic notes, but sound them all as cleanly as you can. Also be aware that dur­ing the slid­ing sec­tion it’s easy to mis-fret, so watch your fret­ting-hand ac­cu­racy. As al­ways, aim to de­velop fur­ther ideas of your

LICoKwn –- a good start­ing point would be to in­ves­ti­gate the four-fret chomatic ideas that oc­cur be­tween the 1 and b3 of mi­nor arpeg­gios and the 5 and b7 of dom­i­nant chords.

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