TECH­NIQUE FO­CUS Ex­pres­sive pick­ing

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To sound mu­si­cal when play­ing with high lev­els of sus­tain like San­tana isn’t just a mat­ter of crank­ing up your amp and dig­ging in, you’ll need to­tal con­trol over your pick­ing dy­nam­ics if you’re go­ing to get any­where close. The best way to build this is to prac­tise with fa­mil­iar scale pat­terns so you can fo­cus on your pick­ing hand. Prac­tise pick­ing very lightly; this should sound like you’ve backed off your vol­ume con­trol. You don’t need to play fast, start at 80bpm play­ing eighth notes with al­ter­nate pick­ing. Build your con­trol so you can change your pick­ing dy­namic be­tween strings and ul­ti­mately be­tween notes. It’s all about build­ing a tech­nique with max­i­mum con­trol that will give you to­tal free­dom of ex­pres­sion, adding greater depth and mu­si­cal­ity to your play­ing.

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