Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: ROCK -

When you’re play­ing syn­co­pated uni­son stabs (as in the in­tro here), keep your pick­ing hand con­stantly mov­ing in a down-up pat­tern. This will keep you locked into the groove and avoid any un­wanted 'flams'. The melody is dou­bled on the horns so you’ll need to en­sure that you play this nice and tight, ob­serv­ing note lengths through­out. The fast lick that’s squeezed be­tween phrases in bar 18 is played us­ing shape 3 of the C Pen­ta­tonic. Play this us­ing your first and third fin­gers only, mov­ing your third fin­ger quickly up to the 17th fret for the high A note in bar 19.

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