Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: BLUES-ROCK -

[Bars 58-69] The dusty end of the fret­board is no­to­ri­ously dif­fi­cult for good slide in­to­na­tion, so rea­son­ably easy ac­cess via the cut­away is im­por­tant, oth­er­wise the slide will be an­gled across the frets too much (us­ing the slide on the fourth fin­ger can also help). The fi­nal lick in the last three bars be­tween 20th and 22nd frets is re­ally good for ad­dress­ing in­to­na­tion prob­lems. I’d sug­gest you try this in 8th-10th po­si­tion to start with.

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