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Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE GUNS N'ROSES -

There are a lot of bends through­out this solo; some­times full-tone bends and some­times semi­tone bends. In each case the tun­ing of the tar­get note is ex­tremely im­por­tant. When prac­tis­ing, it is worth tak­ing the ex­tra time to check the note you are bending to by fret­ting it first and ‘remembering’ the sound of said note. By do­ing this you are es­sen­tially train­ing your ears to recog­nise the rel­a­tive in­ter­val­lic dis­tance be­tween two notes; a skill that is es­sen­tial to ev­ery mu­si­cian. The most tech­ni­cally de­mand­ing bars are: 6, 9 and 10 as these con­tain con­stant streams of 16th-note triplets and straight 16th notes. In both cases, the ten­dency is to speed up, so fo­cus on main­tain­ing good tim­ing by tap­ping your foot on the down­beats and sync­ing up the notes that land on the down­beats to keep your phras­ing even and in time. Slash has a lovely 'lazy' feel and that's what we want too.

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