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Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE JIM MULLEN -

GOUIuTrA­fiRrstTeExCaHmNpIQleUsEhSowMsAhGowAZJIiNmE­ma2k4es­7mince­meat of these changes by em­ploy­ing chord tones. You may ques­tion the natuTrhale5J(Go)hangaWinhsteCa7t#c5roft (C-E-G#-Bb), although there is an ar­gu­ment that thiJsIcMhoMrdUshLoLuEldNacS­tuTaYl­lyLE be called C7b13, de­rived from the fifth mode of F Har­monic mi­nor (F-G-Ab

in­dica­tive of the sub­se­quent move in this di­rec­tion to F mi­nor. Jim also plays F ma­jor against F mi­nor on beats 3 and 4 of bar 7.

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