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Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: JAZZ -

It’s cru­cial that we re­mem­ber when de­vel­op­ing as a mu­si­cian and learn­ing lots of new ma­te­rial that of­ten sim­ple is best. The ma­jor­ity of this ex­am­ple com2exs xsx­trx­ax­igxxhx­tx­oxut of the C ma­jor scale, all the way up to bar 6 ex­cept­ing a cou­ple of chro­matic dec­o­ra­tions in bars 2 and 3. No­tice how Jim shapes this sim­ple melodic ma­te­rial to cre­ate melodies, rather than just blindly rat­tling up and down the scale. We briefly de­vi­ate from our C ma­jor tonal­ity in bars 7 and 8, out­lin­ing a IIm7-V7 de­rived from the key of Eb, although de­cep­tively this Fm7-Bb13 combo comes to rest in C, rather than the ex­pected Eb.

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