Ex­Am­pLE7 Funky bLues

Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE JIM MULLEN -

As y4oux’xdx­exxpxxex­cxt,xthe Blues scale makes an ap­pear­ance (R-b3-4-b5-5-b7), in fact that’s pretty much all we see up to the tran­si­tion to A7. Here Jim shifts to a more ar­peg­gio based ap­proach, although he squeezes in some typ­i­cally bluesy chro­mati­cism by con­nect­ing A7’s 4th and 5th (D and E re­spec­tively) with the blues en­dorsed #4/b5 (D#/Eb). As the song says, ‘It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing,‘ but nat­u­rally, mullen swings like the clap­pers.

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