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Guitar Techniques - - LEARNING ZONE ERIC CLAPTON -

[Bar 1] part of the suc­cess of this par­tic­u­lar phrase is the way you leave out the notes on the fifth string at cer­tain points. This helps to thin things out a lit­tle, though as we’ll see later on you can in­clude this string to thicken things up a lit­tle if you want (as long2 4 as7 it doesn’t sound too muddy).

[Bar 2] The per­cus­sive slaps on the strings may seem like a chal­lenge at first but since they are on the beat, it’s less of a chal­lenge than syn­co­pat­ing them (play­ing them off the beat). Use the pick­ing hand thumb to strike the strings, but use your pick­ing-hand to mute the sixth string, oth­er­wise this will sound a note, rather than be­ing the per­cus­sive ‘slap’ we re­quire.

[Bar 8] This mod­ern sound­ing B7­sus4 is a great Gospel or Span­ish in­flu­enced al­ter­na­tive to the stan­dard B7 ‘V’ chord that you would usu­ally find in this lo­ca­tion.

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