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Guitar Techniques - - LESSON: ACOUSTIC -

[Bar 16] This fill con­tains sev­eral clas­sic Clap­ton acous­tic style de­vices from the grace note slides into the notes to the use of the open po­si­tion and pulloffs. It would work great on a slightly dirty elec­tric too!

[Bar 23] The solo starts in the open po­si­tion and, though it is based around E mi­nor pen­ta­tonic, no­tice the mi­nor 3rd (G) to ma­jor 3rd (G#) ham­mer-on at the end of this bar, a clas­sic de­vice Eric uses in both elec­tric and acous­tic so­los.

[Bar 29] Runs like this are clas­sic Clap­ton but if you are new to them, then be care­ful. You have to deal with the speed of phrases like this while also tak­ing into ac­count the set-up on your acous­tic – if your string-fret­board ac­tion is higher at this register then phrases like this are go­ing to be harder to play.

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