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bend up/down

Fret the start note (here, the 5th fret) and bend up to the pitch of the b6rack­eted

re­oe­leaoesin­goe. note, be­fore

Re-pick bend

Bend up to the pitch shown in the brack­ets, then re-pick

noten­while the hold­ing the ben&t not#ea‚t the‚

new pitch.

pre bend

Bend up from the75th fret to the pitch of the 7th fret note, then pick it and re­lease

fr‚et no‚te. to 5th

quar­ter-tone bend

pick the note and then bend up a quar­ter tone (a very small amount). some­times re­ferred

b—lues to as a curl.


the fret­ting hand vi­brates the note by small bend ups and re­leases. the last ex­am­ple

vibr‚ato b‚ar. uses th‚e

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