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Guitar Techniques - - PL&AY: PICKING -

On the GT tracks the over­drive set­tings are mostly quite light, al­low­ing pick­ing to be clearly heard. So bear in mind that if you use too much dis­tor­tion clar­ity will di­min­ish and it be­comes harder to iden­tify is­sues that need re­solv­ing. Try a clean tone and a dash of re­verb; this is pretty un­for­giv­ing and will re­veal any prob­lems; a clean tone also forces you to use touch and tech­nique to achieve nicely rounded notes. If this a lit­tle too hard­core then start by halv­ing your dis­tor­tion lev­els; re­mem­ber, if it sounds great clean, it will sound even bet­ter with some crunch!

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