EXAMPLE3 triplet pat­terns with po­si­tion shifts

Guitar Techniques - - PL&AY: PICKING -

This ex­er­cise is a great work­out for your fourth fret­ting hand fin­ger, build­ing strength, ac­cu­racy and in­de­pen­dent move­ment. Keep your fin­gers very cxloxsx­ex­tx­oxxthx­exxstrings main­tain­ing a good four-fret span, es­pe­cially when play­ing the quick po­si­tion shifts in the fi­nal bar (use the in­di­cated fret­ting fin­ger for each po­si­tion jump). En­sure you use the al­ter­nate pick­ing in­di­cated through­out.

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