EX­AM­PLE10 four notes per strinG with ‘cor­rected’ ac­cents

Guitar Techniques - - PL&AY: PICKING -

In this ex­er­cise the pre­vi­ous prob­lem is re­versed by us­ing four-notes-per­sx­trx­inxxgx­px­ax­tx­tx­erns but with ac­cented triplet phras­ing. Pat­terns like these are sub­tler than reg­u­lar four-note pat­terns, re­quir­ing a higher level of pick con­trol and rhyth­mic aware­ness. Watch out for the po­si­tion shift at the end of bar 4 when re­peat­ing! Re­mem­ber, bet­ter pick­ing tech­nique will im­prove your slower play­ing too, and all these licks sound cool at lower tem­pos.

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