EXAMPLE13 strinG skip­pinG: hor­i­zon­tal 6ths

Guitar Techniques - - PL&AY: PICKING -

This ex­er­cise i≥ntrod≤uces ≥an­oth≤er po≥tenti≤al alt≥ernate≤ pick≥ing s≤tumb≥ling

ad­doeitionaoel chroeo­mat>ic block: string skip­ping. The 6ths used here are di­a­tonic to D7 (bars 1 and 2)

4oe) witoeh and>pass­ing and G7A(bAaerosl3i­aannd ap­proach no8tes ≥added. They are played along the neck on the same set of strings (thus

throu­goe­hout mak­ing pick­ing eas­ier). Use the pick­ing and fin­ger­ing in­di­cated (keep­ing your first fin­ger on the third string ) for b est r5e­sults.

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