154 st..rinG soekip­pi­oenG: ‘in­soei­deoe’ peoen­ta­tonic pi6ck EX­AM­PLE

Guitar Techniques - - PL&AY: PICKING -

In­side pick­ing can seem harder so per­se­vere here5. Af­ter play­ing the first nAote with a down-pick, your pick nee3ds to the5n travel up­wards, while sEkip­ping over the sec3ond strin6g, to hit the third string with an up-pick. This

and. tricky so3 it’s well worth tak­ing your time with this ex­am­ple and start­ing at a slower tempo in or­der to get tech­niq3ue fo­cused in your fin­ger mus­cles.

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