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There’s plenty to work on here, but there’s an enor­mous amount more avail­able. first of all, re­mem­ber that we can con­struct all sorts of chords (6ths, 9ths, 11ths and 13ths and so on) in any given key. fur­ther­more, there are more scales than just stan­dard ma­jor and mi­nor. modal in­ter­change (also known as modal bor­row­ing) ex­tends the con­cept pre­sented here to in­clude par­al­lel modes (and is used ex­ten­sively by many com­posers from ravel to Zappa to Joe Sa­tri­ani).

So, in the case of C ma­jor, we can bor­row from not only C mi­nor but C do­rian, C Phry­gian, C Ly­dian, C melodic mi­nor and many other scales. for ex­am­ple, db­maj7 can be bor­rowed from C Phry­gian, f7 from C do­rian, and so on. you’ll have at your dis­posal a huge pal­ette of colours and end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties in chord pro­gres­sions and melodies. happy learn­ing!

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