Guitar Techniques - - PLAY: CLASSICAL -

[Bar 15] At bar 15 the F ba1ss note is of­ten played an oc­tave down with t1he up­pGer three notes p2layed with a f2our3th-fin­ger

barre fret­ted across th3e top threDe strings. Not ev­ery­one can phys­i­cally do this I have opted for the F on tEhe fifth string and a first-fin­ger half barre at the 5th fret. T4he next few

Abars are easy, as long as you keep fol­low1

ing3 the fin­ger­ing. [Bar 19] Bars 19 and420 both re­quire half bar­res and bar 22 needs a fourstring barre – her0e I let go of the sec­ond fin­ger by the third beat­2to help reach the G# bass note.

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